Dhow Cruise

What you need to know about a Dubai Dhow Cruise?

Dhow cruise Dubai is a staple activity on any Arabian holiday. Do you wonder what makes it a must-experience in Dubai? It is an alternative sightseeing cruise that also steps you back in time. But, if you don’t know what to expect from this cruise adventure. To make the most of it, simply check out this comprehensive guide on Dhow Cruise in Dubai. It is loads with all the essential information, such as the cruise locations, things to do on a cruise, etc.


A Dhow Cruise ticks all the boxes for relaxed and pleasant sightseeing in Dubai. It will get you into the skin of Dubai’s inspiring past, culture, and traditions. As the vessel used for the sail is a rustic wooden Arabian dhow. For those who are not aware, dhows were once inevitable to support the region’s economy. It was largely use for peal farming and fishing in the emirate’s pre-oil era.

As the real purpose of this vessel began to wane. It has seen a reemergence of sorts in the past two decades or so! You will now find it plying along Dubai’s water as a majestic floating restaurant, complete with the most incredible views, the finest foods, and striking performances onboard.

This quintessential Arabian activity is now a favorite of anyone looking to spend an unforgettable evening in Dubai. It breaks you away from the city’s hustle and bustle. You don’t want to have to wrestle with the roads packed with traffic and crowds. These vessels can be intimate or relatively bigger, with a capacity to hold 25 to 250 guests, depending on their size.


Dhow Cruise is a year-round activity that you can enjoy during any part of the year. A dhow mostly comprises two levels where its lower deck is fully lock in and chilly while the upper deck is partly open. So it doesn’t matter when you choose to go on a dhow cruise. But, if you choose to surround yourself with the most compelling and unhindered city skyline view plus invigoratingly cool weather during the cruise, it is most ideal to take this cruise in the salubrious winter months from November to March. It lets you dine, watch traditional shows, and mostly, absorb the views from the upper deck.


A traditional cruise not only wins your heart with its atmospheric ambiance and charming indoor and outdoor spaces. But also blows you away with inspiring and amusing entertainment. Best of all, it’s not just foot-tapping music. There is Tanura show wherein a brilliant artist will hysterically spin in his lighted, multi-colored, somewhat ankle-length costume. This is so exciting that it is definite to leave you in a daze. However, the real performer himself did not show any sign of fainting. Moreover, depending on your service provider or the cruise package you choose. You can look forward to participate in a variety of interactive games, shows, etc.


Buffet dining with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes is the standard in any dhow cruise. But, what goes into the menu list is decisive by the quality of your desired dinner cruise package. That said, you can look forward to indulge in a multi-course dinner complemented by a mix of international, Arabic and Asian cuisines. This mostly includes different types salads, soups, main course specialties, and luscious desserts, all washed down with unlimited complimentary refreshments. The majority of dinner cruises do not include alcohol, but cash bars onboard provide it for an additional fee.


Red Carpet Welcome: Subject to your chosen service provider, you can expect your approximately two-hour dhow cruise to start with a royal treatment! As you arrive at the cruise spot, you’ll be greet by an attentive staff; they will escort you to the dhow, introduces you its awe-inspiring interiors, and help you to settle into your elegantly decorated table or seating. And you’ll mostly get to top off this first impression with a refreshing welcome drink.

Sightsee at a Stately Pace: This is undoubtedly one of the greatest highlights of a dhow cruise. Whichever location you choose for your dhow cruise, this not only lets you have an intimate look at this part of Dubai, but also promises you an unrivalled standpoint as you take in the region’s both iconic landmarks and hidden gems from water. As it’s mostly in the form of an evening cruise, Dubai’s illuminated night views can’t get better than with a dhow cruise.

Revisit Dubai’s Past: Dhows seen today in Dubai are either adaptations of the working vessels from past or ones made using the same old-style authentic techniques and building materials. So what better way to journey back to a bygone era.

Faultless Personalized Services: A dhow cruise from a reputable service provider offers all the services of a five-star restaurant. The onboard crew will be ever willing to cater to your unique preferences and even take care of your special demands. But, if you like to have a more personalized dhow cruise (to celebrate your or your dear ones’ birthdays, anniversaries or other important occasions), make sure that you talk to the team beforehand in order to get all arrangements right.


Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina are two of the most prominent cruise locations in Dubai. Whichever you choose, each of these cruise spots has its own appeal and characteristics.

Dubai Creek: Given its strategic historical background, it is one of the most longstanding spots for dhow cruise in Dubai. It’s where you’ll get to wind along a mix of ancient sandstone structures, charming Arabian souks or bazaars and several modern structures.

Dubai Marina: If you prefer an up and coming location for your distinctive cruise, the uber stylish Dubai Marina is unbeatable. From Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm and Palm Jumeirah, most astonishing sights of contemporary high rise structures will come in view as this cruise will meander you along the canal city of Dubai Marina.

Apart from these, you can enjoy a dhow cruise at Dubai Canal. It is one of the latest additions in Dubai cruise locations. This extends for more than three kilometers, starting from Business Bay and passing through Jumeirah, Al Safa Park to the Arabian Gulf. Apparently, a dhow cruise across the man-made Dubai Canal will give you the chance to sail through Dubai’s heart, treating you with the best views over the Marais Business Bay Promenade, Sheik Zayed Road Bridge, and other stunning architectural treasures that dot the region.


  • There may be many companies offering cheap dhow cruises, but it may not live up to your expectations. So don’t hesitate to ask the inclusions covered in your cruise.
  • Choose a direct service provider with no middlemen for your dhow cruise; this allows you to enjoy quality cruise at relatively low rates.
  • Timing is another important aspect to consider. Depending on your preference to take in Dubai by sunlight or night, you can choose from day and night cruises.
  • If you’re allergic to any food or drink, don’t forget to inform about this to your cruise provider at the time of booking.
  • Apart from standard dhow cruises, some companies offer special cruises such as New Year’s Eve Dhow Cruise, Valentine’s Day Dhow Cruise etc. You can also hire the whole or part of cruise to celebrate a corporate event or a special occasion.


Dhow Cruise may appear too touristy, but don’t miss this experience while in Dubai. It will definitely make you fall in love with the city. As you watch the stunning sights go by from the water. Whether you are traveling to Dubai for a day or even a week, be sure to hit Dubai’s water on a dhow cruise. It promises you a day or an evening filled with the most pleasant, intimate and cherished moments.