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We now accept quality and original guest posts on 971 Life. We are committed to enlightening our readers by publishing original, intelligent, thought-provoking guest articles. Now we are looking for authors to contribute well-written, original, and thought-provoking Guest posts. Our broad coverage includes Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Dining, Business, Culture, Health and More.

Writers are always welcome to suggest guest posts ideas. If you have an idea for a post that will be informative or entertaining, please feel free to contact us. The 971life Team strives to provide readers with unique perspectives on topics they care about.

It’s important for us to be open with you: we write for 971life. Make sure your article is unique and engaging. We will work closely with you to make sure that happens. Our editorial team will provide you with detailed feedback if your article is accepted. In addition, our editors will help you modify the article if necessary.

Your guest post will be reviewed by the 971life Team. In addition to learning how to write, you will also learn how to express yourself.

Please submit your article to [email protected] to be considered for writing. The article will be published at the specified time. Please notify us prior to sending your piece.

We welcome submissions of unique guest blogs at [email protected]. Ensure that your blog has optimized SEO and images. The content you submit must be original. Any content you have already published elsewhere, including on your blog, will not be published by us.

Before submitting your guest post content, you can follow our style guide.

Suggestions for articles




  • Two outbound links to sponsor-related websites are allowed
  • Adding 1 or 2 additional links for authoritative sites is acceptable
  • Link to another article with a valid internal link
  • Put it in the blog post list.
  • A voice. Speak boldly, be intriguing, and be human.
  • Write for a specific audience

Guest Posting Guidelines for Articles and Blogs

  • Original, plagiarism-free content
  • Good content that engages and informs
  • With multiple subheadings/paragraphs and a list of subheadings
  • It would be great to have tabular data
  • Transition words or phrases between sentences
  • Use active voice instead of passive
  • Remember to use a keyword when writing an article
  • No keywords are stuffed into the article
  • Keywords should be phrases or words used in the first paragraph.
  • In the entire article, it should appear three times.
  • Anchor text should not be used for article links.
  • We welcome video and images.

Meta Tags & Keyword

  • 1 Keyword
  • Meta Title 50 – 60 characters
  • Meta Description 155 characters

An article by a guest can vary in length from 500 to 1000 words depending on its difficulty. Most articles are about 1500 words long. The tone can be casual, or the content can be unique.

To submit a guest post, please send it to [email protected]. All submissions should be sent as Google documents. The editors can easily comment on the draft and provide guidance. Documents and images can also be mailed to us.

The following happens after you Send:

An editor will review your submission and decide whether it is appropriate. Your submission will be reviewed within 24 hours. The editor gathers feedback from the Team after publishing the guest post and shares the link to the live post if it is suitable.