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Global Village |  Multicultural Pavilions and Entertainment

If you have ever been to the Global Village in Dubai, you probably have no idea what to expect. There are more than 26 pavilions representing more than 90 different countries, including the UAE, the Americas, Thailand, European nations, India, Pakistan, and many more. Each of these pavilions features arts and crafts, food, and retail therapy from each country represented. Whether you are a history buff or just looking for a place to go shopping, Global Village Dubai will not disappoint.

It is a theme park

global village dubai theme park

If you love the thrill of roller coasters and carnival rides, then you will absolutely love the theme park in Dubai. The park is open seven days a week, from four in the afternoon to twelve in the night, so you can spend your entire day here. The park is well-known for its free shuttle service, which will get you around the entire venue in no time. You can also take advantage of the park’s parking facilities, which are the largest in Dubai.

It offers shopping


If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then this location is the perfect place for you. This shopping mall offers over 3500 outlets that represent the world’s various cultures. The enticing variety of products available at the shopping complex will be sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Here are some things to expect when you shop at the Global Village. A visit to this shopping centre is not complete without sampling some of the delicious sweets available.

It offers entertainment

At Global Village Dubai, entertainment options are abundant. The 25 pavilions, representing 78 countries, include the UAE, Americas, Thailand, European nations, India, Pakistan, and more. Each pavilion features arts and crafts and food, showcasing the uniqueness of each country. If you are looking for a little retail therapy, there are a few places that will satisfy your cravings. Moreover, the park features free shuttle buses and trains that connect various parts of the city.

It offers street food

You can satisfy your cravings with a wide selection of tasty snacks, including Asian-style street food. From the Japanese-style baklava to the custard-filled Japanese cakes, you can find something to suit every taste. You can even sample Asian-style beverages like latte, cappuccino and ginger beer. Thousands of visitors visit the Global Village every day, and street food vendors serve up unique and creative dishes.

Unique products

If you’re looking for unique products from around the world, the Global Village in Dubai is the place for you. This huge complex is comprised of 25 pavilions from around the world, including countries from the United States, Egypt, India, and Pakistan. Many of the pavilions offer food and crafts and are a great way to learn about each country’s culture and traditions.

A family-friendly shopping experience is guaranteed at Global Village, which is the leading multicultural family entertainment destination in the region. It features over 5,000 items from 26 pavilions representing 80 different countries and cultures. This month-long festival celebrates the ‘Month of Shopping’, giving visitors a chance to buy unique products from around the world, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, and home décor. You can even save money with special discounts offered during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Global Village has a fountain show

fountain show

If you love a good fountain show, then Global Village in Dubai is the place for you. This multi-cultural family destination has undergone a series of improvements since the last time it was open. One of these changes is a new fire fountain show. The show is complete with dragons, a stage, and a spectacular fire display. Besides the fountain, Global Village is also home to the Floating Market. Guests can enjoy Asian street food while they watch this spectacle.

It offers shows

When you visit the Global Village, you’ll find entertainment in abundance. Featuring 26 pavilions representing 90 nations, it features international arts and crafts, cuisine, and entertainment. Visitors can taste the best of each country’s cuisine and culture while enjoying shows and retail therapy. Global Village offers something for everyone, no matter what your interests are. After the shows, you can shop for souvenirs or take advantage of the shopping mall’s extensive selection.

What is the last date of Global Village?

According to sources, Global Village is keeping the park open until Saturday, May 7.

Global Village has parking

If you’re visiting Global Village Dubai, you’ll want to know how to get there by car. Global Village Dubai has two distinct parking lots for cars. General parking and VIP parking can cost a couple of hundred dollars per day. The latter is a great option for long trips, as you’ll get the car you want at a reasonable rate. The entrance gate to Global Village is not exactly easy to find, so be sure to leave plenty of time to park your vehicle. To get around, you can take the free Dotto Train, the free bus, or even the AED 5 per person rakshaw. While parking your vehicle, you should remember to keep in mind that you must follow the dress code of the Dubai Public Places.