Dubai Dinner Plate

Dubai On A Dinner Plate

What defines Dubai Cuisine?

Dubai is a destination that boasts bold flavours, exotic aromas, and fantastically fresh produce. For anyone that finds themselves in Dubai, taking the time to explore the traditional Arabic and Emirati flavours is a must-do.

Dubai is a well-established city and it offers something a little special for everyone that comes here. You will find a combination of flavours that make up the cuisine. Middle-eastern cuisine has been given quite the reputation in recent years and it has grown in popularity across the planet. Dubai is a diverse metropolis and positively oozing with variety. If you think you’re going to get bored of the food options on offer here, think again.

The city and region is home to some of the best restaurants in the Middle East, and things are only set to get better for the gastronomy scene!

A Little History Lesson 

Emirati cuisine was born long before the skyscrapers were, and the remnants and traditions of this rambunctious cuisine have left our mouths watering for centuries. It’s no secret that Dubai loves good quality cuisine, and in recent years there have been visitors flocking from the west to try out Dubai’s delights.

Fish, rice, meats, and sweets like dates are considered a main staple within Emirati cuisine. A focus on fresh produce with the use of spices, aromas, and seasonings is the basis for most traditional dishes made here.

Our Top 3 Favourite Hidden Gems (Restaurants and Eateries)

1. The Pangolin

The Pangolin has gained quite the reputation, and it was only put together a few years ago now.

Chef Troy is a culinary genius, and this award-winning restaurant is bound to beat your run-of-the-mill ribeye meal deals. The building is exquisitely designed, and on the ground floor, you will find several cozy booths that nod towards an African Safari style theme.

If you have curious taste-buds and you’re wanting to try something a little new, we would totally recommend coming here. It’s the place to be right now, and it is highly instagrammable, the plates are presented in such a beautiful manner that you’ll find it hard to eat them!

2. Nomad

This burger joint is small, but don’t let that put you off. It has plenty of treats up its sleeves and they provide a range of quirky and innovative burgers to bring to the table.

Again, the meals here are perfect for an Instagram photo-shoot and they are just oozing in likes, as well as cheese in most cases! The menu is extremely extensive and once you discover the place you’ll find yourself coming back over and over again!

3. Not A Space

Not A Space is exactly what it says…. Not a space. Instead of being found inside a building, factory, warehouse, bar, or restaurant… Yes, you guessed it, it’s in the desert (In Sharjah).

This place (not a space) is an absolute gem and you’ll find it well off the beaten track, it takes a while to get here but it is well worth it in the end. You can get crafted artisan coffee here as well as various snacks and treats, and even a haircut if you feel like it!

The only downfall is that this (pop-up) is only to be found here in the winter months. This is due to the sheer heat in this region during the summer.

So that’s about it! Our Top 3 Favorite Hidden Gems – Exploring Emirati Cuisine.

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