Shopping & Retail

It’s a typical day for anyone who shops at a regular retailer. You show up to work, looking for the perfect outfit that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else. So when you get there, you see your coworker who is wearing what she found that morning and instantly realize that she’s been shopping all day long. And maybe they have their kid with them because they are off to soccer practice or something and it seems like everyone is getting in on the game this morning.
That was my day until I moved to  Washington. I used to have the same problem. Not only did it seem like everyone was out shopping, but it seemed like all of their friends were there too. It was an absolute zoo that resembled a pickup truck dealership on Easter Sunday and every single store had their doors wide open. If you wanted to go inside, there wasn’t really a point in going inside because everyone just kind of stood there and watched everyone else go in and then they would do the same thing that you were doing. Once you had been inside of a store five times, you just lost interest and didn’t even care if you went inside again. And if you were inside of a store, that meant that the parking lot was full of the same cars as it was the first time that you went inside. It was almost like everyone was on an assembly line shopping and no one could afford to be left behind because they were afraid of missing out on some awesome sale or something.