Technology is an ever-expanding field that encompasses everything from computers to cell phones. It is a pivotal part of our everyday lives and the foundation for many industries, such as construction and automotive manufacturing. The pace of change in technology has been rapid and exciting – it’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the new innovations, but it can be helpful to remember that the world doesn’t change overnight. is constantly being refined and re-invented, but the basics remain the same.

defined as “the practical application of knowledge or skill to achieve a desired goal”, and that is relatively strait from Merriam Webster. Technology can be classified as applied science, engineering, or applied science and engineering. Applying these three classifications brings up some misconceptions about what exactly technology does for us. The field of technology encompasses so many different subjects that it is hard to narrow it down to one definition. It is best to look at each subject and identify the “why” behind the technology, in order to better understand just what it does.

Engineering has developed and refined technologies over time. The first steam engine was created in 1851 by Thomas Savery.

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