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Most unique pool experiences in the world
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If you’re looking for a luxury experience, the Aura SkyPool Dubai is an excellent choice. The pool itself is the world’s highest infinity pool, suspended 200 meters above the ground. The restaurant serves fresh Asian cuisine and pan-Asian dishes, and the chic setting provides an ambience that is reminiscent of an art gallery. You’ll also have a great time with the view, while you dine under the stars.

Aura SkyPool Dubai is the world’s first and highest 360-degree infinity pool

The Aura Skypool Dubai is perched 200 meters above the ground, making it the world’s tallest 360-degree infinity pool. Located in the same tower as The View at The Palm and the St. Regis Dubai, the pool features panoramic views of the city and Arabian Gulf. Visitors to the sky-high pool can enjoy a swim while watching the sunset over the city.

Located at the Palm Jumeirah, the Aura Skypool is one of the most unique pool experiences in the world. Located on the highest point in Dubai, the pool is open daily from 10 am to sunset, though you can also purchase day passes for AED 230, or a full-day VIP pass for AED 600. The Aura Skypool is open to everyone, including non-hotel guests, but children under 12 are not permitted to go.

This Pool is suspended 200 metres in the air

The Aura Skypool Dubai is the world’s highest infinity pool. Its stunning views of the Dubai skyline and Arabian Gulf are a highlight. Guests can choose from morning, afternoon, or all-day sessions to enjoy the infinity pool at its 50th floor. A welcome pack is included with every admission. There’s also a lounge for relaxation. You can also buy a bespoke souvenir to take home.

The Aura Skypool Lounge has a 700 sq metre deck that’s suspended 200 metres in the air. It provides the illusion of floating over the city, thanks to the unique structure. The lounge features a variety of KETTAL products including the BIMINI 2-seater sofa, MESH 3-seater sofa, and a range of D135 side tables. The space also boasts ZIGZAG planters.

It offers pan-Asian dishes

The Aura Skypool in Dubai is the world’s highest infinity pool, perched 50 floors above ground. With oversized sunbeds and VIP loungers, the poolside oasis offers breathtaking views of Dubai. The lounge’s international cuisine is crafted by head chef Craig Best, and asian dishes include confit duck salad, loaded grilled cauliflower, and marinated pineapple sundae.

Aura SkyPool in Dubai overview

The Aura Skypool Lounge is the latest addition to Sunset Hospitality’s portfolio. The stylish lounge features natural materials and accents the lush greenery in the surrounding areas. The Aura Skypool Dubai offers pan-Asian dishes paired with the lighter poolside fare. Tickets start at AED 170 for a morning session, while AED 600 gets you access to VIP Island for the entire day.

It offers incredible views

The Aura Skypool Dubai is a must-see place during your visit to the city. The 360-degree observation deck is open from 10 am to 11 pm and offers stunning views of the city. A day pass costs as little as Dh370, and the evening session starts at Dh600. Aura also offers an indoor lounge and bar area. There’s a buffet restaurant and lounge as well, and the restaurant serves delicious fare with amazing views of the city.

The Aura Skypool is the world’s largest infinity pool. You can swim from the top to the ground and admire the panoramic views of Dubai. The prices for this amazing experience start at around $170 for the morning session, while the full-day VIP experience costs up to AED 680. The pool is not accessible to kids under twelve, so you must make arrangements in advance for a group of friends. The lounge is open to both visitors and locals.

It offers seasonal experiences

It offers seasonal experiences

Aura Skypool Dubai has three ticketing options for its pool and lounge. The pool deck is 750 square meters in size, divided into two areas: the lounge and the pool deck. Visitors can order international dishes from the lounge area. The menu has been crafted by head chef Craig Best, who previously worked at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. Dishes include sticky duck salad, ponzu tuna tartare, and Malaysian spiced ribeye.

Prices are based on the season. Day passes cost US$45 per person, while full-day passes are Dhs800. Guests under the age of 12 need an adult’s company to participate in the full-day experience. In addition to day passes, Aura SkyPool Dubai offers seasonal experiences. The lounge will be open every day from 10 am to dusk. In addition to day passes, guests can purchase special seasonal experiences, such as the new winter wonderland.

Aura Skypool inside view

It offers three ticketing time slots

Guests can enjoy the spectacular views and the refreshing water in Aura Skypool’s three ticketing times – the morning, midday and sunset. Aura’s pool deck features chic custom-made sunbeds and a menu inspired by the vibrant cities of Asia. Guests can dine in the restaurant’s stylish and relaxed atmosphere or relax with a drink in the lounge. 

The Aura Skypool is one of the biggest openings in Dubai in 2021. The 750m2 pool is surrounded by a luxuriant 750-square-metre lounge space. Visitors can also book a customised lounge for their stay. The Aura Skypool is open during morning and evening sessions. Guests can arrive early and stay late, or spend the whole day relaxing by the pool.