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TOP 3: Things To Do in Dubai – The Lifestyle Edition

Okay, so we know that there are a million amazing things to do in Dubai, but we’ve decided to break it down for you with our TOP 3. From beaches to rooftop bars, and dive sites to nightclubs. Dubai has something special for everyone!

1. SkyDive Dubai

Has skydiving always been on your bucket list? Have you been itching to experience the feeling of flight? Well, this might just have to be one of the best life experiences a person can enjoy, and yes… You can do it here in Dubai!

Not only is the city a marvel from above, but with the option to record the full experience you’ll have something that you can show to the grandchildren.

“More than a sport, skydiving is a lifestyle, a communal activity like scuba diving or surfing — one that attracts people of all walks of life with one thing: the kind of freedom you just can’t find in cubicles or workstations.”


If you’re adventurous at heart, then you might want to take the plunge. At SkyDive Dubai, you’ll find yourself plummeting towards the tranquil turquoise waters at a whopping 120mph.

The most premium location for taking the jump has to be over the Palm Jumeirah. But if this doesn’t suit you, then you can take a tandem jump with an instructor nearby at a training ground. This location will allow you to gaze across the sandy dunes before making your descent.

2. Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari

From dune buggies to camels, range rovers to 4x4s, you just can’t leave Dubai without having some sort of desert driving experience.

The Arabian Desert is a wild getaway, and it can serve up many surprises for its visitors. If you would rather spend a relaxed evening under the stars with a freshly prepared barbeque, then on a camel’s back might suit you best.

However, if you are a little more daring at heart, then you can take to the dunes in a range of different motorized vehicles. There are regular tours that take groups of dune buggies out in the mornings and before sunset. These are the best times to visit due to the heat levels that arise during the mid-day hours.

Regardless of your mode of transport. Taking a visit to the desert is an absolute must-see! 

3. Global Village Market

A taste of the world in just one market!

This market has an extensive array of products and foods from about 75 different countries.

There are several stalls here and you can find several products at affordable rates. The market itself is a night-market and it is a large area that buzzes with fizzion and energy during the evenings.

So there you have it – Our Top 3 Things To Do in Dubai!

We know that there are hundreds, if not millions of other amazing things to do in the city, but we would recommend starting out with these as they are not to be missed!Thanks for Reading!