Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai Expo – The Biggest Event in the Middle East!

What is Dubai Expo?

It could well be the most important Expo of its time. Dubai Expo is the very first to be held in the region of the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

The branches covered within the event are incredibly vast, but the main focus has always been to create a space for innovation, inclusion, and the sharing of knowledge. However, the main themes for Dubai’s upcoming event this year are:

  • Opportunity
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability

The event itself was originally supposed to be held in 2020, but due to the recent pandemic, this has been moved forward to 2021. It is likely that Dubai Expo won’t be opening for another few months yet, but at least it’s something that we can all look forward to!

The Expo planned in Dubai is a globally registered one, and once it begins it could last for up to six months dependent on the host country.

There are several young entrepreneurs, inventors, and sustainable creations that find their first audiences at Expos.

Here in Dubai, we have the fortune of being at the forefront of many innovative and new modern technologies. We are certain that the Expo here is going the offer the world plenty of never-before-seen additions.

The History of Expo

The first officially known ‘WORLD FAIR’ (Expo) was held in London in 1851. Its purpose was to display the developments and achievements of the era. This period was known as ‘The Industrial Revolution’. So it comes as no surprise that there were a fair few developments and inventions on display here.

How Can I Get Involved? Be a Volunteer!

If you want to get involved you can always sign up to become a volunteer. You’ll become a part of history in the making, as this is the very first Expo to be held in the region of the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

You will learn a handful of skills that are bound to boost your experience. Not only is it an enjoyable way to take part in community projects, but you could also network and learn how to take your career to the next step!

How Can I Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about Dubai Expo, then you can click on this link right here, and you will be directed to the appropriate website.

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Image Source: Arabnews

“Connecting minds, creating the future”(UAE on DUBAI EXPO)