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Bliss Lounge – Place for Beach Late Night Dining

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Dubai is on the wish list of tourists for its high-end infrastructure, tall endless skyscrapers, luxury lounges, restaurants, parks and gardens. Bliss Lounge is also a tourist attraction and a sophisticated place in the heart of Jumeirah Beach. Bliss is a prime spot at the far end of the JBR beach. If you dream about the barefoot dance on the sand, sipping cocktails and fresh juices and overlooking JBR beach, Bliss turns it into reality.

About The Bliss Lounge:

Style: Casual

  • Timings with Packages:
  • Lounge Timings: 12:00 PM to 02:30 AM
  • Lunch: 12:30 PM to 05 PM
  • Dinner: 06 PM to 11:30 PM (Kids until 10:00 PM)
  • Happy Hours: 05:00 to 07:00 PM (Daily)
  • Gents Night: Every Saturday 08:00 PM to 12:00 AM

(* Discounted price 25 AED house beverages with mixers)

Ladies Night: Each Wednesday 08:00 PM to Midnight

(*Discounted price AED 120 for selection of 03 Sushi Rolls and 3 house beverages free).

Menu at Bliss Lounge:

Beverages and Cocktails
Martini BiancoMartini Extra DryMartini RossoCampariAperol
Beach Comber Salad (F) (Sh) 65
Summer Freeze  (F) (Sh) 70
Caesar Summer Salad (M) (E) (G)-75
Italian Mozzarella Di Buffalo and Tomato Salad (N) (M) (G)-75
Laurent Perrier Nv BrutLaurent Perrier Brut 1.5 LLaurent Perrier Brut 6L
Moet Ice Imperial SemiLaurent Perrier Rosé 1.5 LLaurent Perrier Rosé
Crystal Louis RodererDom PerignonMoet Ice Imperial Demi

Extra Availability at Bliss Lounge:

Following are some of the additional things that you will find at Bliss Lounge.

  • Laid-back
  • Shisha
  • Hotel Bar
  • Alcohol
  • Late Night Dining
  • Good Music

Bliss is unique in its atmosphere and experience. It is promising when it comes to chill out afternoons and upbeat nights. It offers you to live your dream and add incredible moments to your life.

Contact Info:

Bliss Lounge Dubai-min