Things to Know before moving to UAE

8 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Dubai

Living in this Gulf state is incomparable. It offers you a tax-free income atmosphere with all the luxuries of life. Nightlife in UAE, predominantly Dubai, is more attractive as compared to London or New York. The population of UAE is around 10 Million in which there are 80% foreigners. This figure shows how fascinating UAE is for its Expats. However there are lot of aspects you must know before moving to Dubai.

UAE is gorgeous for its man-made beaches to the world’s tallest skyscraper “Burj Khalifa”. It has much more to offer for the visitors, but here are some facts we would like to add to your plan for UAE.

1: Laws and Restrictions to Know Before Moving to Dubai:

  • UAE is distinguished for its strict laws and restrictions. You have to be very careful in terms of restrictions imposed by the State.
  • Alcohol is banned in this Islamic State. In the UAE, there are licensed bars, clubs and restaurants.
  • Sex without marriage is outlawed here.
  • Gossiping, swearing or spreading hate within the State or on social media is a misdemeanor. You may face prison, deportation or a five-figure fine if you capture people or road accidents without permission.
  • Raising funds for charity is strictly not allowed without a state license.
  • The Emirate of Sharjah is stricter when it comes to Islamic regulations and confinements.
  • You necessitate a permit to stay, work and drive in the Emirate.
  • UAE is not a democracy, and you can’t criticize their government openly.

2. Cultural Shift:

Islam is the religion of the State. There is a zero-tolerance policy by the State for traditional and cultural demolitions. In public areas like parks, gardens and shopping malls, you are supposed to wear modestly. You have to respect the culture of the State while moving around. Some of the religious places like Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque are also tourist destinations. You have to dress appropriately to get entrance. Bold clothing is against religious terms. If you have to live in the UAE, then you have to assimilate this cultural shift. You can make your mind about the cultural diversity before moving to Dubai or UAE.

3. Standard of Living in Dubai:

The Standard of living in the Emirate, especially in Dubai, is pretty high. There is a meagre crime rate, and Abu Dhabi is recognized as the city under the cameras. There are a lot of shopping opportunities in the UAE. Dubai is famous for its rich, extravagant and flashy people in the world. Residents of the State are affluent. You can find brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Audemars Piguet almost everywhere in Dubai.

4. Rent and Cost of Living:

Living in the UAE is not affordable at all. According to the numerals, a three-bedroom apartment costs more than $2400 per month in the centre of Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The cost of rent, groceries and bills may shock you. You must make sure that your wages match your expectations and lifestyle.

5. Weather in Dubai:

One of the impediments of the UAE is scorching hot in the summer. The temperature may hit 45 to 50 degrees Celsius during summer. The lowest in the night maybe 35 degrees, so you have to stay indoors with air-conditioning at night as well. You will find the air-conditioning even at the bus stops.

6. Health Care:

There are a lot of private and government hospitals in the UAE. Most of the staff there are also foreigners. You must ensure a personal medical cover in the form of medical insurance. Public hospitals are designated for Emirate residents. You can only get emergency treatment and then have to go for your own. Most of the companies include the medical covers in their agreements. It would be best if you clarify before getting into any trouble. All the necessary medical check-ups like HIV, Hepatitis and now Covid-19 are also mandatory at your arrival. You need to prove your vaccination certificates before entrance to the UAE.

7. Transport:

Transport in UAE is affordable and effortless. Dubai Metro System is one of the impeccable in the world. You will find a stop on every mile with a cost of $1 per ride. Taxis are also available throughout with a minimum charge of $3 depending on the distance you want to go. Uber and Buses are also available. There is massive traffic in the State, especially in Dubai, a trade and financial hub of the State. Dubai Metro doesn’t cover the whole city, and you have you prepare yourself for every mess.

8. Dubai Food and Cuisine:

Traditional dates are so foreseen in the UAE. UAE offers you a versatile dining experience by exploring global cuisine. You can find Indian, Japanese, Italian and French dishes. Traditional and local food choice is also incredible to taste. In Dubai, brunch is like an obligation every weekend. You have to prepare your stomachs, livers and wallets before moving to Dubai.


We have tried to cover all the necessary topics for the Expats, but we want it to be executed individually. You must move with the plan to circumvent any trouble throughout your living in the UAE. Above are the key aspects for Expats to know before moving to Dubai.