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10 Alternative Sports to Try in Dubai

Looking for new things to do in Dubai this weekend? If you’d like something that’s a little different from your usual staycation, sightseeing, or visiting the city’s main attractions, you can get some action by trying any of the following alternative outdoors activities.

Axe Throwing

For a taste of entertainment that tickles your “primitive” instincts, try signing up for a good round of axe throwing at Hatta Wadi Hub. It works just like a game of darts, except you’re throwing heavy axes instead of pointed pins. It may sound medieval but don’t worry. The activity is held in a safe and heavily regulated space so you can throw axes to your heart’s content.


Relieve the stress and challenge your limits climbing over walls at Rock Republic. The venue has more than 400 square meters of walls to climb, with different difficulty levels. Enrol in supplementary classes with a pro and reach new heights. 


Let’s face it. Nobody ever really outgrows dodgeball. Head on over to Bounce and have a round of dodgeball with your pals. Bounce makes the mechanics even more interesting by throwing in some trampolines to the mix. Keep your balance as you evade the hard hits. The team that knocks out all members of the opposing team wins!

Dune Bashing

If you’ve yet to take time to appreciate the city’s breathtaking dunes, dune bashing is an outdoor activity you may want to try. Dune bashing involves riding an SUV at varying speeds across sand dunes. Book a dune bashing tour during the summer months for lower rates. Hour-long rides offer a thrilling experience like no other. 


Feel the need for speed? Call on some buddies and go ekart racing at the rooftop of The Dubai Mall Zabeel. It’s your chance to drive fast and furious and see how you fare with those hairpin turns and curves. Suit up and grab that checkered flag. The turnstile awaits.  


The Montgomerie offers a sporting activity that marries two different sports: golf with football. Sounds a bit strange? It’s a lot more fun than you imagine! The objective is to kick a football onto different sized holes spread all over a lush, green course. It’s bound to be a memorable experience for friends and family. 


If you’d like some fun in the water, kitesurfing is definitely one of the things to do in Dubai. It takes a bit of skill and some practice, but once you’re able to take control of that trusty flying machine, the kitesurfing experience is more than worth it.  


Paintballing has been around for a while. If you haven’t tried it yet, then what are you waiting for? PaintballDubai offers all sorts of different ways to enjoy the activity with friends and family. Engage in missions like Save the Hostage or Capture the Flag as you practice your shooting skills. Don’t forget to take cover! 


Sandboarding is a common outdoor sports attraction in Dubai. All you need is a sandboard and pick a spot in the desert to go sandboarding as long as you like. Some tours offer this activity alongside dune buggies for hire and camel riding. 

Top Golf

Topgolf Dubai adds innovative tech to take golfing to a new level. Make sure to bring your top form as you engage in various game modes within the clubhouse. Topgolf offers fun interactive games that would appeal even to golfing beginners. Make sure to bring your top form and score those points to beat your partner. Sign up for this activity at the Emirates Golf Club.  


Zorbing is a new trend where you race an opponent in an inflatable ball by rolling about, twisting, and turning across obstacle courses to the finish line. If you’re feeling even more competitive, a version of the zorbing called bubble soccer applies some basic football mechanics. Hatta Wadi Hub on Dubai-Hatta Road offers this one-of-a-kind entertainment.

You’ll never run out of amazing things to do in Dubai! Create memorable experiences and have the time of your life by engaging into these unique sports adventures. Call these establishments to ask about prices, availability, and social distancing rules.