The World Islands Dubai

The World Islands Dubai: What to Do and When to Visit

The World Islands is a man-made archipelago located a few kilometers away from Dubai. It features 300 mini-islands, where hotels, resorts, houses, and establishments have been constructed on and off since the project was announced in 2003. The project was envisioned by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,

The World Islands was designed represent seven continents, aimed at serving tourists a taste of the different sights and cultures from around the world, plus a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. It was an ambitious project that encountered environmental and financial challenges along the way. However, several developers made investments on the island properties and are working to build a luxurious destination like the world has never seen before. 

What to Do in The World Islands

There’s still a lot to do for tourists who want to gain a unique vacation experience in The World Islands in Dubai. If you’re looking for a peaceful sanctuary away from the busy world, going there is definitely worth considering. 

1. Book a tour. 

You can book a full-day access tour or a group tour around The Island, which is the first development in The World Islands to open its doors to the public. Tours don’t come cheap but it’s all worth it because you’re in for a truly unique visual treat. 

You can choose to book a seaplane tour, a jet-ski tour, a speedboat tour. Book a helicopter tour and get the chance to to see Dubai and The World Islands from above. The efficiency and inspiration that went to the construction of the islands will surely amaze you.

2. Spend time at the beach or the pool.

A tour to The Island gives you access to not just one, but two, beautiful beaches. You could spend a day lounging under the sun while enjoying a panoramic view of the Dubai skyline. Or, lounge by the swimming pool, where you can also enjoy an intimate dinner with access to an amazing city view.   

3. Go for the water sports experience. 

Water sports activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boating, and parasailing are accessible if you’re up for an adventure. You may also ask the hotel about renting a kayak by the hour.

4. Play volleyball. 

The Island features volleyball pitches if you’d like to show off your game. There’s nothing like a nice round of volleyball to break a sweat. It would also be a nice way to work up a nice appetite for a dinner date by the pool.

5. Have a luxurious staycation.

Have a taste of Mediterranean fine dining at the fantastic Torro Blanco restaurant, which provides romantic indoor and outdoor seatings. The restaurant also offers a children’s menu, perfect for that family holiday vacation. The staff is friendly and hospitable. The are ready to attend to your every need and ensure that you have the most relaxing stay.  

When to Visit The World Islands

Tours around the islands are available from 11AM to 6PM and would take about a total of three hours. You can book boat rides daily from 10AM to 11PM. If you want the full experience, we recommend spending at least eight full hours on The Island. 

The months between October and February have less rain and cooler temperatures. This would be the best time to visit to make your stay more pleasurable.

The World Islands Dubai: Latest Developments

The world will definitely be holding its breath to see the completion of Dubai’s biggest construction project. You can stay updated for the forthcoming opening of The Heart of Europe. The project developers boasts a collection of six islands designed to bring the best of the continent to Dubai. It will certainly be a thing of beauty, wonder, and ultimate luxury. 

The Heart of Europe will feature wondrous infrastructure including German-inspired villas, Swedish beach palaces, and Honeymoon Island. Luxurious hotels like Portofino Hotel and Côte d’Azur Resort will also be part of the attraction. Kleindienst Group, which is in charge of the development, are building tourist attractions that the world hasn’t seen before. These include an underwater hotel, dedicated wedding hotel, artificial rainy street, and outdoor snow plaza. According to them, development is drawing near completion.