UAE remote work visa

UAE Remote Work Visa: Everything You Need to Know

The United Arab Emirates will begin issuing remote work visas to foreign nationals who are interested in working and residing in the country. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the new visa scheme is in line with the government’s goal to increase global competitiveness in the tourism sector. As the country expects inbound travel to make a steady recovery over the next few months, the new remote visa for foreign workers should help attract top talent worldwide and boost the national economy.  

What is the UAE Remote Work Visa? 

The UAE visa for remote workers allows a foreign national to live and work in the UAE for one year. Dubai started offering this type of visa (limited to the city) since October 2020. The visa targets remote workers, or foreigners who have the ability to conduct business online without the presence of their employer in the same country. The UAE remote visa allows virtual workers to work tax-free in the country. 

Who Can Apply for a UAE Remote Work Visa

To qualify for the remote work visa, an applicant must show proof of earning at least USD 5,000 per month. Medical insurance with coverage in the UAE is also a requirement. The immigration website has yet to provide complete information on the UAE remote visa. Along with the new visa scheme, the government has also approved multiple-entry tourist visas for all nationalities. 

Currently, Dubai’s is already offering this type of visa to foreign workers. The city’s virtual working program targets entrepreneurs and startup workers outside the UAE. Workers can enter the emirate under self-sponsorship and earn income according to the terms of the visa. The program is valid for one year and with possibility for renewal. 

How to Apply for a UAE Remote Work Visa

Dubai’s virtual working program will likely serve as a model for when the remote work visa becomes available for anywhere in the UAE. Application fees for the Dubai visa costs a little over USD 287, including processing costs, medical and Emirates ID, and application fees.  

Remote work visa applicants should prepare the following documents: 

  • Passport with at least six months validity
  • Health insurance that’s valid throughout your residency
  • Proof of employment valid for at least one year
  • Proof of earnings (USD 5,000/ month)
  • Bank statements

The Dubai virtual working program has no restrictions on nationality. The visa allows for multiple-entry and entitles holders access to banking, real estate, and utility services for the duration of their stay in the emirate. The program also allows the visa holder to sponsor spouses and children. 

Work Remotely from Dubai

Dubai offers a superior digital infrastructure that makes it an ideal place for remote workers. Dubai also has plenty of virtual office services and co-working spaces that makes doing business simpler and more efficient. Apply for the virtual working program and enjoy the opportunity to work and live in this beautiful city for a year. You can also read our article on things you must know before moving to Dubai

Dubai has consistently made it to global rankings when it comes to the best cities in the world to work and live in. In a recent report by Boston Consulting Group, Dubai and Abu Dhabi both made it to the top ten list for best cities to work for foreign nationals. 

The report also showed that national government responses to COVID-19 made an impact on a country’s attractiveness as a tourist and employment destination. The UAE is widely lauded for its effective response during the pandemic. It has received global recognition as a vaccination leader, along with Israel and the UK.