Covid-19 is an interactive, immersive and hands-on art experience for children. It’s a giant puzzle that can be solved by anyone with a workable mind and an inquiring spirit. The core idea is to create something new in the world: the first ever puzzle of human civilization, made out of people, their stories and their struggles. Working together to make this”piece”, people will come together from across the globe and learn about each other during an interactive process that spans 3 years.

“Covid-19” aims to raise awareness about the social and cultural issues that hinder the achievement of a better world. It is about humanity, not just about technology. The project seeks to inspire people worldwide to work together for a better society. People will learn how cooperation works, and how it can be applied in their daily lives; such experiences will be in great demand by the next generation of leaders, technicians and entrepreneurs.

Through “Covid-19”, we seek to create a puzzle for the mind, in which individual actions mean nothing. In order for people to become an integral part of this ever-changing process, they will have to surrender their individuality and their creativity in favor of a collective goal. These two concepts – collectivism and creativity – are the two main pillars on which this project is based. It is our aim to demonstrate that the world can be changed by working together, without conflict or strife.